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Louis Engineering and Construction | Experts

Specialist/Expert (Technical Leader).

The experimented senior technical engineers within LEACO-France are named Technical Leaders (TL).

The LT is a Specialist/Expert having 25 years minimum experience in this disciple.

All members have all experience/knowledge required for the mission. They will Fulfill its Commitments by proposing the best technical solution, fit to purpose in strict accordance with all constraints.


Investigation, Technical Expertise, Assistance, Advice, Training and Information.

LEACO-France intervenes on spot mission for Projects and any other needs requiring high level of technical experiences.

  • Investigation
  • Technical advises
  • Assistance for technical matter
  • Technical support for Change Order
  • Proposal of Cost optimization through design
  • Help to the decision
  • Remote support
  • Presentation and program training
  • Key documents review such as: drawings, calculation note, specifications

Globally visualize standards compliant resources

Uniquely hands on experience staff performing in line with global standard

Collaboratively enable multidisciplinary value

Uniquely initiate clicks-and-mortar processes after resource sucking data.Quickly re-engineer diverse.